At LiceAge we believe in pricing simplicity. We are the only in home lice treatment provider that offers a simple, uniform, flat rate service. LiceAge has no hidden fees and no surprises. Our charges are by the hour, not by the number of people being treated (which adds up to be a lot more expensive). And we make sure we check and, when needed, treat the entire family for head lice. It’s extremely important to understand that if only one person is treated and others in the household are infected, the treatment will not be successful. We make sure we check the entire family and treat anyone who is infested with lice.


Our Price is $108 an Hour – The Lowest in Town!

We Charge By The Hour And Have No Hidden Fees! Not Even For Travel!


We do not charge additional fees for evenings, weekends, holidays, or ASAP service. Our rate is flat with no exceptions. Treatment length may vary based on a number of factors including number of family members, severity of infestation, length/thickness of hair, and cooperation. Our technicians are extremely professional and will get straight to work without wasting time. You will also get information and care instructions for actions to take after treatment is completed.

Do not delay, and do not get frustrated. There is a solution to lice and we are here for you to depend on. LiceAge is the number one lice removal service around and you will be glad you called us, and sorry you didn’t do so sooner. Battling lice and nits (lice eggs) is a tough job, let our expert technicians do the job and stay worry free. Your home will be lice free in no time.


100% Guarantee We are so confident in our process and products that we offer a 21 day guarantee for our services. The guarantee applies when you choose our full treatment option – 2 paid visits to eradicate lice. To qualify everyone in the household (including dad) must be screened by our professional technician and if infested, they must be treated in the initial visit. Once treatment is done another paid follow up visit is required in 7-10 days at which point the guarantee is granted. The follow up treatment is required for the guarantee to apply, and is usually shorter in time than the initial treatment. If you find any lice or nits during this time period we will come back and treat the infected again and as many times as needed for free. That’s right – FREE. (guarantee starts the day the second visit is complete and lasts for 21 days. If you elect not to pursue our full treatment option of 2 paid visits, the guarantee will not apply. However we are still going to leave your home lice free even with just one visit and supply you with instructions on how to properly follow up yourself).

*There is a one hour minimum. Any additional time will be charged in 15 minute increments.


Head ScreeningIf you are not entirely sure there is a lice infestation in your home, we can come over and do a head check for lice and nits to determine if treatment is needed. Call us today for special pricing for head checks. If there is no need for a full treatment we will wave the minimum requirement and only charge you a head screening fee. If lice are found we will begin treatment right away at our hourly rate and the screening fee will be waived. We offer membership options for monthly screenings for head lice, call us for more information.


For any questions feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any concerns you might have. You can reach us at our number 619-693-7575 or fill out your information on our contact page and one of our representatives will return your call.


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